The History of Nordic Club


Flaggor NordenIn 1983 a Danish woman named Lisbeth Kvistgaard founded the Nordic Women’s Club of Jakarta. Understanding that the Nordic countries is a long way from Indonesia she aimed to connect the Nordic people. In the beginning it was mostly a social club and the monthly coffee mornings were held in private homes. After some years the Club’s activities started to pick up and they formed a charity group, a travel club and in 1989 the first newsletter was published.

In 2003, in keeping with modern times, and as more men joined the club, the name was changed to Nordic Club Jakarta. The biggest fundraiser used to be the annual Christmas party that later was transferred into a fundraising Crayfish party. The money raised was used to support different local organizations in Indonesia. The last Crayfish party was held in 2013.

When the rules and regulations for charities organizations changed in Indonesia in 2014, so did the activities of the Nordic Club. The members voted not to legalise it so today the Nordic Club is purely a volunteer and social club based in Jakarta aiming to create a connection between the people of the Nordic countries. Back to where it all started!