Upcoming Activities


As a member, you will receive detailed emails and/or WhatsApp-messages from you country representative about events and you will be able to participate in our organised events with your spouse and children (See Activities). Most activities are held in English.

Planned dates for Coffee Mornings and Activities are as follows:

September 17th: Hike in Sentul. Put your hiking shoes on and join us for a hike in the hills around Bogor before the rainy season starts. Cancelled due to few participants. We will try to do the hike after the rainy season.

September 29th: Family Day at the Jakarta Aquarium at Neo/Soho.

October 1st: “The other side of Jakarta Tour” – a traditional, authentic and fascinating tour a bit off in Jakarta. Lunch at Café Batavia (not included in price). See more information in Newsletter sent to members.

October 8th: Coffee Morning Sweden. More info will be sent by email to members.

October: Stay tuned. More is coming up. If you have any questions or suggestions, please don´t hesitate to contact us on email: info@nordicclubjakarta.com.

Photo: Seaworld Ancol Jakarta Aquarium