Upcoming Activities


As a member, you will receive detailed emails and/or WhatsApp-messages from you country representative about events and you will be able to participate in our organised events with your spouse and children (See Activities). Most activities are held in English.

Planned dates for Coffee Mornings and Activities are as follows:


2nd of April: Hike to Sentul. Put your hiking shoes on and join us for a hike in the hills in the greenery around Bogor.

9th of April: Coffee Morning hosted by Finland. This day we will also have our Annual General Meeting. It is very important and much appreciated if as many as possible of you can join this meeting.

23rd of April: Visit to Ffrash. Ffrash produces high-quality, sustainable design furniture and home interior products from trash, giving former street children a chance at a better life. Their values? 100 percent trash, 100 percent sustainable, 100 percent design and 100 percent not-for-profit.
Ffrash works closely with KDM, a local foundation that offers shelter to former street children. Ffrash believes that every child deserves the right to a sustainable future in a clean environment. With this vision, they created an opportunity for the street children to become skilled workers who can turn trash in beautiful design products. Ffrash provides the former street children aged 16 to 19 years, 18 months training, but also endows these youth with knowledge and skills to start their own companies.

14th of May: Coffee Morning hosted by ——-? More information later.