Upcoming Activities


As a member, you will receive detailed emails and/or WhatsApp-messages from you country representative about events and you will be able to participate in our organised events with your spouse and children (See Activities). Most activities are held in English. Once you have signed up to an activity (except for Coffee Mornings), you will be added to a WhatsApp-group specifically to this activity. In this group you will get more detailed information.

Planned dates for Coffee Mornings and Activities are as follows:

December 12th: Our last Coffee Morning for 2019. We will meet up at nice Coffee Shop for a small breakfast/brunch. Nordic Club Jakarta is planning to arrange a health talk with Dr. Steven from Good Practice with a presentation on how to stay healthy in Jakarta with information on common health issues.
Address & info will be given through WhatsApp and Facebook and e-mail to all members.

If you have any questions or suggestions, please don´t hesitate to contact us on email: info@nordicclubjakarta.com.