Photos from previous activities

December 3rd: A few of us visited Ibu Yekti and her Recycled Beads.

After some coffee and cookies and an introduction from Ibu Yekti, we then could pick our own beads and get necklases and bracelets done for us by her assistants.

“ Yekti’s enthusiasm started some 40 years ago with a simple stroll through Jakarta’s famous antiques market on Jl. Surabaya , where she encountered vendors offering up rare and aesthetically engaging trade beads.  Learning that these beads came from her home town in East Java sparked a personal connection and instant interest in learning more about the history and production process of the beads.  

When the antique beads became more and more difficult to find, and thus more and more expensive, ibu Yekti stretched further to try and find out how to copy these beads. With the combined skill of the bead makers in East Java and Surakarta they started producing them.” Yekti’s house now houses thousands of beads, each produced from recycled glass.  What was once a perfume bottle, wine bottle, shard from a glass factory or perhaps a light bulb is now a colorful and durable bead.”

November 30th: Getting closer to Christmas again. Nordic club had a nice Christmas Dinner as usual for the members. Even this year we joined it at Monty´s Restaurant.

November 12th: Coffee Morning hosted by Finland. Our Finnish members met up a couple of days before CM and made all the goodies together.

We also had the opportunity to buy beautiful candle holders, bottles and many more handicrafted items from Ffrash.

November 5th: When a few of us met up at ADHARA Silver Gallery & Workshop we had no idea how interesting the visit should be! And a bit pricy for some of us…

Adhara Silver Gallery and Workshop began in 1978 through the fortuitous meeting of the Swedish Vivianna Torun Bülow-Hübe and the Australian Mansur Geiger. Vivianna moved to Indonesia in 1976. In 2003 she returned to Copenhagen and died in 2004. Vivianna was a world reknown silversmith and product designer working under the artist name TORUN for Georg Jensen Silver, Royal Scandinavia.

October 8th: Up, up in the sky! Yes, almost there when we had our Swedish Coffee Morning this day in Helena´s place. Her apartment is on the 45th (!) floor…! What a view over Jakarta. Helena made all the lovely dishes herself! Mmmm..!!

October 1st: We were 10 very excited members who was curious about this different kind of guided tour together with our guide Mr Bram this Tuesday. We met up in Sunda Kelapa Harbour in the north part of Jakarta.

We went with very small taxi-boats to a ship that we entered.

Mr Bram lives in one of the oldest villages in Jakarta, called Luan Batang or Fisherman Village. He has started a school here for 110 students between 6 and 12 years old. We visited the school.

After a visit to the Maritime Museum we went with small cars – bajaj – to Chinatown.

Finally we took a very small local bus to Fatahillah Square where we ended the tour.

Six of us had a nice lunch at Café Batavia.

September 29th:

One Finnish family, one Swedish family, two Danish families and three Norwegian families had a happy day at Jakarta Aquarium this Sunday. A lot of Nemos and Doris fishes and turtles among others. Hungry families ended the day with a lunch at Pizza Marzano.

September 13th 2019:

About eight persons joined our Pub Night at Black Sheep Bar on this Friday night.

Good food, good drinks and good talk of course!

September 10th 2019:

Finally, we´ve had our first Coffee Morning for the season 2019/2020!

Our host this time was Norway and in Mari´s place.

Anna Pensar- Kuivimäki – our president of Nordic Club, was happy to see so many new faces upon this first Coffee Morning with Nordic Club. She informed us about our upcoming events and also that we wish members to commit and work voluntary in the board.

We had a special surprise: our Swedish member Wilma Dadivas got married this summer and she wished to celebrate her new marriage with us with some champagne! We wish you a Happy Marriage, Wilma!

May 14th 2019:

The last Coffee Morning for the season was in Maris apartment. As usual, a lot of goodies and drinks and some extra celebration for Norway´s coming National Day the 17th of May.

May 7th 2019:

Today we learned how to do macramé bags with Wilma Dadivas in her office. She is founder of and runs the company “I want to smell the perfume”. They produce bags out of recycled materials such as fishing nets and old clothes.

Wilma´s company makes it possible for Indonesian women to work and providing them better opportunities in life. Before starting with our own macramé bags we had to learn how to do it. Not that easy, but we made it!

May 5th 2019:

Yesterday, Sunday, Nordic Club had a great event together at Hotel Mulia and the Italian brunch at Restaurant “Il Mare”.

Both very young, young and old members joined this event very much!

A lot of joy and laughs and of course good food and drinks! Thank you dear members for attending this event. It may be a favourite for many of us! 🙂

For some of us it was a hard day… 😉

April 30th 2019:

Today we visited KDM and Ffrash. Our Norwegian member Mari EB is volunteering at Ffrash. Ffrash produces high-quality, sustainable design furniture and home interior products from trash, giving former street children a chance at a better life.

Their values? 100 percent trash, 100 percent sustainable, 100 percent design and 100 percent not-for-profit.

Ffrash works closely with KDM, a local foundation that offers shelter to former street children. Ffrash believes that every child deserves the right to a sustainable future in a clean environment. With this vision, they created an opportunity for the street children to become skilled workers who can turn trash in beautiful design products.

Ffrash provides the former street children aged 16 to 19 years, 18 months training, but also endows these youth with knowledge and skills to start their own companies.

The Principal of the school informed us about their work, both in the school and the glass workshop.

We thank you, Mari EB for an interesting, fun and rewarding morning. Many new insights and eye openers.

  • We also had a yummy cake from Mari… 😉

April 12th 2019:

With quite a short notice, we decided to attend another cooking class with Ibu Molina. This time we learned some dishes from the Indian kitchen.

Make your own Garam Masala

We had Murgh Masala – chicken with spices, Daal – split peas with yellow lentils, fried Samosas with Dhania Chutney – fresh coriander chutney.

The fabulous lunch is ready to serve. Bon Appétit! Karmen, Birgitta and Anna look hungry!

April 9th 2019:

Coffee Morning hosted by Finland in Anna´s home. As usual, delicious food and drinks. Always nice with Karelian Pasties with eggbutter. Most important this day was our Annual General Meeting. We said goodbye to a few member boards and welcome to others. Details will be presented later.

April 2nd 2019:

We had a great hike in Sentul last Tuesday with idGuides and we were also joined by KK the co-founder.

 We hiked up and down the rolling Sentul highlands and through the villages and rice paddies.

Parts of the trail were a bit muddy but we had a good laugh sliding around.

Beautiful scenery over the rice paddies.

We finished the hike at the basecamp and had a locally sourced and produced buffet style lunch. Very healthy and tasty. 

Thanks to our guides and KK! See you soon!

March 17th 2019:

Five families with altogether 11 kids had a great Sunday at the Pondok Indah Waterpark.

March 13th 2019:

Cooking class with Ibu Molina! We will learn how to make Chicken Rendang, Urap and Corn fritters Bali style. Our teacher is Ibu Molina, a woman who originally comes from the north part of India, but has been living in Jakarta for 30 years. She teaches cooking classes and also has her own delivery food company (Indian dishes) in her house.

We all did a few things, but were mostly looking and listening.

The smell of good food is tempting us and we all start getting hungry!

And finally the dishes are served and the taste was fantastic! Yummy!

March 12th 2019:

This Coffee Morning was hosted by Sweden in Kerstin´s house. We were not that many, but nontheless we had a great and tasty time of course.

All together!

March 8th 2019:

About time for a Pub Night! This Friday we met up at BlackSheep Bar & Restaurant in Kemang. Good to find an alternative to Bar Satu Lagi in Hotel Kristal and it looked like all of us liked BlackSheep.

February 12th 2019:

See also post

December 11th:

This was our last Coffee Morning this year. We had a nice tasting session from LuxoFood and the members were provided a promo code to order online.

After the tasting from LuxoFood we had sooo much good food from Denmark & Norway.

Mari and Bente promoted their volountary work for Ffrash and RachelHouse and we had the opportunity to buy some presents for individual costs. and

December 1st:

“We wish you a Merry Christmas, we wish you a Merry Christmas,

we wish you a Merry Christmas and A Happy New Year!”

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November 30th:

A nice and creative Friday morning in Saras lovely house. Festive Flower Decorations! 

November 13th: 

A lovely Coffee Morning hosted by Finland and Mari in her lovely house.

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October 12th:

Our first Pub Night for this season. Great evening with a lot of chats, good food and beer and wine. We were about 20 persons showing up.

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October 11th: 

Today some of us joined an event that makes your guts feel good…! We learned what Kombucha is and why it´s good for us.ad77e124-7ae1-4652-aa81-a9c0be0f8091

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“Kombucha is produced by fermenting tea using a symbiotic culture of bacteria and yeast (SCOBY) commonly called a mother or mushroom. The living bacteria are said to be probiotic, one of the reasons for the drink´s popularity”. From

After this we had a lovely lunch served by Katta. Vegetables, turmeric rice, tofu, chicken, homebaked bread and fruits. All organic! Sorry for almost no pictures this time…! :-/

October 9th:

Let´s try a different way of Coffee Morning! We met up at “Komunal 88” in Kemang and had a nice chat with coffee and breakfast.

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September 18th:

Our first Coffee Morning for the season 2018-2019

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September 6th:

The exhibition of the Japanese artist Yayoi Kusama at MACAN Museum.

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May 5th:

NC Spring Party at Hause Rooftop & Bar. A nice evening with good food and drinks.

April 12th:

A lot of laughter and joy today at Lotta´s house when we learned how to crochet a basket. Concentrating on counting stitches while talking and laughing is not easy!

Siana from “Tie-a-Knot” teached us how to do.

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April 10th:

We had our Annual General Meeting together with Coffee Morning at Lotta´s house. A lot of good Swedish food, cakes and fruits.

Our member Wilma Dadivas showed us work from her project with Indonesian women  making bags to use when you go shopping instead of using plastic bags. Say NO to plastic!

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March 13th:

Coffee Morning with Denmark/Norway as hosts. Besides all delicious food and bakery, we had the opportunity to buy some very beautiful bracelets. A perfect present to a friend and to yourself.

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March 9th:

Wednesday –  Ladies Night Out!

So, some of the ladies in Nordic Club decided to do so last Wednesday. A fun night with much talk and a lovely view over Jakarta, when we – finally – had our table on the terrace!

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February 22nd:

An interesting visit at MACAN Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art.

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February 13th:

What would life be without SEMLOR? On this very day – FETTISDAGEN – we had Coffee Morning and Sweden hosted the event in Lisa´s house. Of course a lot of other yummy food and sweeties, but the SEMLOR were the best!

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January 2018:

Our first Pub Night for this season

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December 2017:

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Floral Art Workshop with Sara 6th of December 2017. We learned a lot of tricks & tips. Surprisingly simple!

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City Tour “On the other side of Jakarta” 29th of November 2017:

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Christmas Dinner at Monty´s 25th of November 2017:

November 2017:

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Oktober 2017:

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September 2017:

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